This blog is in my image, a prolongation of the infinite space that is my mind but with a stellium in Virgo I will still categorize. Here is a round up of the different types of posts you will find on Celestial Thoughts.

"Refreshed basics": here you will find your basics of astrology with new perspectives and new ways to interpret the placements in your chart.

"The (He)Art Healing Experiment": here I will share my life experimentations and experiences all related to creativity.

"My chart, the case study": in this category you will find analyses of my own chart be it natal, progression, profection, draconic, etc....and how it translates in my life.

"Random Thought": you will find here everything that doesn't fit into the other categories, mostly thoughts around astrology.

If you want to learn more about what is the purpose of Celestial Thoughts, start here.