Libra Energy

The Harmony Seeker. The Judge. The Equilibrist. The Conversationalist.


4/7/20244 min read

Libra means pound in latin and was a unit of mass. It was one side of the scale before being the whole scale.

Ruled by Venus, the Masculine, emitting side of Venus. Venus is the Goddess of Love, beauty, seduction, prosperity and fertility.

Air + cardinal = bouche à bouche (mouth to mouth resuscitation), aspiration. In my opinion, it is the earth sign of the air sign.

Tarot card: XI. Justice

Mantras: "Something has to give". "if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together".

Body parts: kidney, bladder, ovaries, ureters.

Season: Autumn, the end of the harvest.

Libra emerges like Venus in Botticelli's painting, feeling rejuvenated after a detox retreat (Virgo).

It has one of the biggest challenges that is to live the opposite way. And because they show us the world from a different perspective, they are one of the most open-minded signs of the zodiac. I think it's extremely reductive and misleading to say that Libra is just a mirror. The symbol of Venus may look like a mirror but what matters the most is your understanding of what is shown to you.

The scale of Libra symbolizes the pursuit of harmony (from greek ἁρμονία harmonia meaning "joint"). Libra acknowledges and understands that balance isn't always a perfect 50/50 split. They teach us that it's not about equality, it's about equity.

For Libra everything starts with the other, hence why it's the sign associated with contracts. A contract always involves 2 parties and so Libra will generally do better in 1 to 1 settings. They can see themselves best through the other and at the same time have to understand where they end and where the others begin because looking for one self in the other can turn into losing themselves completely.

Venus, Libra's ruling planet, also rules their 8th house of shared resources, meaning Libra will naturally share what they have. It can mold itself into what the other likes and can give a lot to the point of being depleted. That is the biggest lesson for Libra, understanding that even if we are part of a whole they are still an individual. Libra learns through the other and see its value through the other but has to be careful to not fall into codependency and use the other as a crutch or an ego boost.

Opposing their Taurus 8H they have Scorpio in the 2H. The 2H is what we value and what is valuable in us. Scorpio can be depth but also manipulation as it is the strategic side of Mars, the God of war. So Libra can be a seductive chameleon but also a promiscuous manipulator depending on which side they are leaning on.

They will have more inner work to do than most with Capricorn in the 4H. Childhood was filled with responsibilities and not a lot of fun. It's giving Cinderella but with no guarantee to marry the Charming Prince at the end. The 4H also being our maternal figure(s) and lineage, Libra grew up surrounded by stern women. As a result, and because it is an air sign, it can be a challenge for them to connect with women as well as their body and emotions. They haven't been taught how to do it. Internally, they can deal with a lot of sadness which contrasts with how they present themselves to the world.

Not only Libra has Saturn ruling its most intimate house, it is also the sign of the exaltation of Saturn. Is it a gift? I think so as Saturn rewards the hard workers. Libra can reach long term success and be happily ever after if they collaborate with Saturn and do the job.

One gift Libra has for sure is the gift of inclusion (Aquarius 5H). Because they know what it is to be an outsider, they will always notice that one person in the corner. You will never feel excluded or alone in the presence of a Libra even in a group setting where it seems like they are standing out (Leo 11H).

Saturn in Libra is our societal rules, our morals, and without those we would live in chaos. As the judge of the zodiac, Libra has to be unbiased. They can judge only when rooted in impartiality. When we think about it, it is maybe the most neutral sign. It's the only sign represented by an object and therefore not animated by emotions and/or instincts like humans and animals.

Always looking for balance, Libra can't pick a side to save its life, hence why they can be deemed unreliable and indecisive. But I personally give indecisiveness to Pisces, the ultimate mutable. Libra being air and cardinal, it is your forever student who needs all the information available before taking a decision. Pisces go in circles, Libra weighs down options.

Libra is the sign that connects us to each other, it is the conversation starter, sometimes before even saying a word. Being a masculine sign ruled by a female Goddess named planet (the only one by the way), there is that androgynous vibe that has both genders intrigued buy them. It is said to be one of the most attractive signs because they don't leave anyone indifferent. They are the idea (air) of pleasure (Venus) and they love the idea of pleasure as one of the sapisexuals of the zodiac.

Even if the energy will express in similar ways and will have us dealing with similar themes this lifetime, not all Libras and Libra risings are the same. We always have to look at the whole chart. I have a Libra Ascendant and all my personal planets are above the horizon (the AC-DC line) meaning a lot of what makes me who I am is to be shared in some shape or form. A Libra rising with all its planets below the horizon may not be influenced that much by the outside world, their focus will be more internal. Though we will both seek balance, we will go about it in a different way. Isn't it beautiful?

Libra in the chart is where we need to collaborate and where we have to find balance the most. Libra's pursuit of harmony is essential to our world but can be isolating for them. They are the Devil's advocate because no one else would do it. Without Libra, there would be no mercy, no tolerance, no unity.

Libra reminds us that there are always 2 sides to a story.

Food for thoughts.