My Birth Chart

The introduction


8/27/20231 min read

I started studying astrology because I wanted to understand myself and my chart after seeing all those memes and Instagram posts on how Leos are dramatic and self-centered . I don't remember what I thought the first time I saw my chart, I was probably curious about all those lines and symbols.

Almost 4 years later I can easily say that learning about my chart changed my life. I do believe our chart can give us all the answers, maybe not in the timing we want and not in the straightforward way we expect but that's the beauty of this experience called life. To this day, I am still discovering new interpretations of my chart and I guess I will forever learn as astrology is so vast.

I don't see a lot of people sharing their own chart on the internet and as I understand it's very personal, I am not uncomfortable with being vulnerable (it's probably all those personal planets above the horizon). Growth comes when you expose yourself to something new. So here is my chart and let's get close and personal people! Excited to share what I learned and what I am still learning about myself through my chart.

My story will maybe give you food for thoughts who knows.