The most hated zodiac signs explained

Are they guilty or victims of their fate?


9/3/20235 min read

I am sure you thought about a sign or two when you saw that title. There are signs some people love to hate. There are signs that are more talked about than others. Have you ever wondered why? I do blame pop/mainstream astrology for that, they reduced some signs to certain traits without giving any perspective on them. I now roll my eyes when I bump into a post or a person saying "I can't deal with that sign, they are too...". This shows me the level of understanding of astrology the person has (and their level of compassion). But anyway, let's dive into why some signs receive such a bad rep.

Gemini. Some negative traits associated with Gemini are: lack commitment, flaky, unfaithful, two faced, nosy, impulsive. First of all, they entered this lifetime to speak and they can be loud about it with Leo in the 3H (third house) of communication. Air signs are associated with the mind and Gemini's symbol being the twins we have to understand that its mind tends to experience two or more things at the same time. It's this capacity of being able to see and understand different perspectives that actually make them so understanding and open-minded. They have Aquarius, the Water Bearer, in the 9H of the meaning of life and higher knowledge which reminds us that they find meaning when being innovative and unconventional ideas. They can appear to be "know it all" but I see them as God's messenger, the preachers. Having Pisces, the "We are All One" sign, in the 10H of our heritage and public image, show that its role is to teach us acceptance and unconditional Love, to reconnect us to God/The Divine/The Creator (whatever you call it).They have the Mars ruled sign Aries in the 11H of network, community and social contribution. Wherever we have Aries is where we are facing adversity the most and also where we are inspired and bring inspiration. Gemini's contribution is to inspire growth within the community with its ideas and thus no matter the obstacles.

Scorpio. Some negative traits associated with Scorpio are: vengeful, insensitive, dominant, manipulative, obsessive. Scorpio is ruled by Mars in traditional astrology and by Pluto in modern astrology. The first one being a malefic in traditional astrology, the second being the furthest planet from the sun and therefore the furthest planet from our "sight" (we actually can't see Pluto with our naked eye). With Leo in the 10H, Scorpio turns the lights on but it can expose more than what we want to show to others and more than what we want to see of ourselves. I do believe that having Leo in the 10H is what makes them so magnetic but it's also what gets them such a sulfurous reputation. Scorpio is a fixed water sign, water signs being associated with emotions, Scorpio feels more deeply than the other water signs. I would say all water signs can be vengeful when hurt but since Scorpio is ruled by the planet of the God of war, the clap-back can be more potent let's just say. Scorpions and therefore Scorpios don't go out there to attack, they respond to invasion, they sting out of self-protection and self-preservation. Their planet Mars is exalted in their 3H (Capricorn), which like for Gemini implies that they will not sugar coat anything when they talk. Since Scorpio has Virgo in the 11H their contribution to the world is to encourage transformation through detoxification. Fire purifies, water cleanses.

Leo. Some negative traits associated with Leo are: egotistical, attention-seeking, selfish, lazy, stubborn, arrogant. A sign ruled by the Sun which is the center of our system called self-centered? How funny. They entered this lifetime to shine even though they go through a constant deep transformation internally (Scorpio 4H). The downfall of having Taurus in the 10H is that Taurus tends to choose to stay in its comfort zone, that's what gives Leo its lazy status. Fire burns everything that comes too close and so we don't talk about how lonely a Leo can feel. Did the Sun really ask for being the center of the solar system? Did Leo ask to be a leader? They have Gemini in the 11H, which makes them your motivational speaker (Aries sextile Gemini), they are those friends gassing you up and at the same time being so outspoken make them a target. They are literally talked about a lot in public spaces (the internet, social media) in a way that actually reinforce their ego and god complex as the Sun is exalted in their Aries 9H, the 9H being also the joy of the Sun and the house of God. But Leo is way more spiritual than what we think, it takes its first breath, its inspiration (in spirit) in the house of God and higher knowledge. Leo couldn't dim their light even if they wanted to.

Libra. Some negative traits associated with Libra are: indecisive, fake, superficial, codependent, drama addict. They entered this lifetime to show us the beauty in the good, the bad and the ugly. Libra is here to teach what balance and harmony truly mean because balance doesn't mean 50/50 all the time and harmony can't exist without chaos (drama). Libra is here to teach us about the beauty and necessity of duality. Libra is the scales (it's symbol) and is always weighing down options hence why like Geminis, they can see both sides of the coin and play Devil's advocate which annoys some. Libra is here to tell you that justice is not equity. Libra is also the mirror (the glyph of Venus looks like a mirror), a reflection of our society and our self (opposition with Aries) and exposes how interdependent we all are. As much as we want to criticize their Love life, at the end of the day don't we all want to be loved? Yes, Libra is relationship oriented but that's where they are taking their social skills and wisdom from (Aries 7H, relationships are their inspiration). They learn and teach through their relationship experiences. They have Leo in the 11H which obviously brings a lot of attention on them in social settings and give them that "nice to party with" reputation but also stir up some jealousy in their group of friends.

Aries. Some negative traits associated with Aries are: impulsive, aggressive, immature, impatient, over competitive. I talked about Aries in all the charts of the other signs so it's no surprise that it is part of the list. They are ruled by Mars the planet associated with our drive, our desire and our individuality. Aries entered this lifetime to exist and live authentically no matter the difficulties. They are the scout of the zodiac, the first breath, the blueprint, the babies. And like all babies, they learn through trials and errors but in a society where we are not permitted to actually learn. With Sagittarius in the 9H, they find meaning in life when they explore new territories and test their limits which make them also the stuntmen/stuntwomen of the zodiac. With the unconventional Aquarius in the 11H, their contribution to the world is to show us what freedom can look like by sharing what they learned during their adventures. The world wants them to canalise their energy and to be more reliable forgetting that Aries is the warrior not the general. For Aries, existing is not a competition, it's a matter of life or death.

The common denominator in those signs people love to hate is that they are exposing our ego and wounds, they are showing a way of living that is different from what we know. In a world where we are constantly told to conform and to be strong and not weak (whatever that means), the message of those signs is "do the opposite". All signs have a role to play in the betterment of the world, some do it behind the scenes others have no choice but to do it in plain sight.

There is no such thing as good signs and bad signs. If a sign makes you uncomfortable, ask yourself what you need to learn from them because they are reflecting something in you for sure. Check where that sign lands in your chart (from your rising sign and/or sun sign) meaning which house it is in, see if you have planets or points in there. Also, look where the ruler of that house/sign is and the aspects to it, I can guarantee you will discover fascinating things.

So now, are you still hating on that sign?

Food for thought.