Virgo Energy

The Priestess. The Solver. The Sculptor. The Refiner and Refined One.


10/1/20233 min read

Virgo means ‘pure, intact’.

Ruled by Mercury. The Feminine, receptive side of Mercury. The God Mercury (Hermes in Greek mythology) is not only the messenger of the Gods, he is also the god of commerce, of travelers, of thieves, of orators, and guides the soul to the underworld. 

Earth + mutable = quicksand. In my opinion, she is the air sign of the earth signs.

Tarot card: IX. The Hermit.

Her mantras: "Less is more". "God is in the details". "Mens sana in corpore sano". 

Body parts: small intestine, abdomen, nerves, pancreas.

Season: end of summer, when we harvest.

She comes from royalty and now has to learn to be the servant. She has removed all her external symbols of power but it doesn't mean that she is now powerless. The power is in her. She is the physical vessel of God. Knowledge is in her mind, Wisdom is in her body. 

She is the exaltation of her planet, she literally has all the answers within her. She will find meaning in life once she masters going from the mind to the body. She is here to translate thoughts into emotions. And in order to receive the downloads, her body has to be a clean slate. That's where the importance of cleanliness and detoxification comes in.

Since only people with a certain status have servants, does that make her the symbol of wealth? She supports the King/Queen (Leo) and the institutions (12H) because they are the only ones who see her value (Virgo is the 2H of Leo).

Service (acts of service) is the only medium she knows to express herself. She shines behind the scenes and it can be hard to accept for her as she offers support without real recognition. Her existence is sacrifice ("to make sacred/holy"). 

Does she ever have fun? Mars is exalted in her Capricorn 5H and the 5H is the joy of Venus, work is how she has fun and work can become her identity. Her confidence increases with time (Saturn exalted in 2H) because she gets better with practice (Saturn ruling 5H of talent). She is devoted but her devotion can turn into workaholism and separate her from the collective.

She also finds joy in improving systems making them more efficient, the first one being herself. She sculpts herself constantly, she is her biggest work. She has to be careful to not erase herself completely and for this she has to practice (self) acceptance and forgiveness. She has to Love the world even if it doesn't appreciate her craft. If she doesn't love the world, she won't love herself.

Is it judgement or is it advice for growth? Is it a critic (kritikós = to discern) or is it the solution you need? Virgo is not judgmental (judgment means "to say the law") in the sense that we think. Her insights are not personal nor rooted in emotion. Is she not too focused on issues though? Her role is to see what doesn't work, to analyse and to tell us about the details that have a huge impact. She is the solver.

She works on a cellular level, we don't see it but we know we wouldn't exist without it. She extracts what is of use and eliminates the rest. She extracts only the vital. She discriminates (= "distinguished between").

She takes whatever is left from the burning Sun (Leo) and makes beauty out of it (Libra). That's why she is the minimalist.

In our birth chart, the house Virgo rules can be where we have perfectionism tendencies, where we need to detox, where we have to be devoted to the cause and leave the ego at the door, where it is not about us, where we can overwork ourselves.

I have Virgo ruling my 12th house, the house of unconscious habits, of mental health, of escapism, of far away places where you are isolated (prisons, hospital, foreign country, etc...). I do also have 3 planets in Virgo which put an emphasis on that sign in my chart. A few ways it shows up in my life is that I work at the detriment of my health. I used work as an excuse to not take care of myself. As of now, I do work on a different floor than the rest of the team and I like it. I need alone time to think and recover mentally. As Virgo is an energy naturally present in me, I have to go to the opposite sign to balance it out, I have to go do piscean activities.

Without Virgo we would forget about God. Without Virgo there would be no discernment. Without Virgo we would starve. And without nourishment there is no body.

Food for thought. Literally.