My experience of the North Node in Aries - South Node in Libra transit

What has this transit taught me so far?

4/14/20246 min read

At the time I am writing this post, beginning of April 2024, we are reaching the halfway mark of the NN transiting Aries and since my DC is at 16° Aries, I thought why not reflect on what it has been about for me. The NN/SN entered Aries/Libra in mid July 2023 and will move into Pisces/Virgo late January 2025.

As a Libra rising, this NN in Aries - SN in Libra transit is a big one for me. The NN has been transiting my 7H of 1 on 1 relationship and the SN my 1H of self and appearance. Adding to that, I have my moon in Aries, the moon representing our intuitive mind, an unconscious part of us, our emotional needs, the maternal caregiver and maternal lineage.

In this post I am touching on the themes brought up by the different aspects the Nodes have been doing in my chart since entering Aries. As the nodes move rather slowly I will use a 2° orb for the aspects. I do use the placidus system and technically the NN has been transiting my 7H since November 2022 but I will only talk about the nodes transiting the Aries/Libra axis.

From August 2023 to November 2023 the NN was conjunct my Moon in Aries. In my chart, the moon rules my 10H of legacy, work and status.
From mid-November 2023 to February 2024, the NN was trining my Jupiter in Leo in the 10H . Meaning the SN was sextile to my Jupiter. Jupiter rules my 6H of physical health and daily habits and my 3H of mental development, local environment and skills.
From December 2023 to late February 2024, the nodes have been squaring my MC/IC axis, the work/home and shadow self/higher self axis.
From February 2024 until the end of April 2024, the NN is conjunct my DC and therefore opposite my AC, the point that gives direction to my life.

Since this transit is happening in a cardinal house for me, most of the lessons of this transit are giving a whole new direction to the most important areas of my life. And all are connected you'll see.

When I tell you that I am tired of hearing that every transit for Libras is about relationships... yet can't deny that it isn't the case most of the time... sigh...
The 7th house is not just romantic relationships, it's all 1 to 1 relationships and contractual agreement. This transit for me has been about how I relate to people in 1 to 1 situations. The biggest revelation so far was that I have work to do surrounding my anger. I screamed at someone (an Aries rising, can't make this up) who was reflecting something I have an issue with inside of me. Something I was trying not to address. Being that defensive can mean only one thing; I was not feeling safe and my ego is defending itself against something. I thought that I had my anger under control. But as I am typing this I already want to correct that last sentence. Anger doesn't need to be controlled, it needs to be transmuted. But in order to do that I still have to figure out the roots of that emotion. Anger is an emotion mostly associated with the masculine and as a woman with strong masculine placements, I thought it was normal that my expression was louder than the more feminine women. It is not. It was not the first time I was having a disagreement with that colleague but it was the first time I was having such a reaction. The NN transit had it blown up at my face. ,l

This happening at work brings me to my next observation that is not really new to me, I need to change career. I accumulated so much bitterness since I started working in this company. As a Projector in Human Design, bitterness is my not self and the clear indicator that I am not in the right environment. But the issue is not the company, the issue is my conditioning. I felt bitterness in my previous job too, I left but to go back to the same kind of job. As a Cancer MC, I have an emotional attachment to my career and when that NN was hitting my moon, it was the moment I felt the most frustration and when I had to make a choice. I thought the solution was to pick my battles at work so I did that and stopped being bothered by small things (hard when you have a Virgo stellium!). Things got better until the frustration started to rise again ending up with me exploding on that man. I didn't understand why it wouldn't get better when I was doing the effort. It wasn't working because that wasn't what was expected from me... I was negotiating, not surrendering, refusing to see that bitterness was my cue to leave. By staying in that environment that is not good for me, I've been trying to avoid seeing the path I was directed towards. Resisting takes out more energy from us than letting it go and so when shit hit the fan that day my Spiritual Team was basically saying "you can't avoid it anymore, you have to make the change and go all the way about it".

Go all the way where you may ask? To this I received an answer too because another thing this NN transit asked me is to be intentional in my healing. I am the type of person who would accumulate a lot of knowledge, always looking for the next thing to learn not stopping to integrate what I learn. I've been working on myself on and off for over 10 years if we start counting from the year I decided to go to therapy. But I have to be honest, it has been superficial, I've been scratching the surface. Knowing more than the 'average' person on one subject doesn't make you better especially if you don't share that knowledge. "Ignorance is bliss" and "with great knowledge comes great responsibility". I chose to heal but I've been refusing to take my responsibilities when it is literally all over my chart. Projector with 3rd line profile in Human Design, NN in Capricorn in a wide square to my moon in Aries. Guiding people by sharing my experience, is my birth contract with the Universe.
In evolutionary astrology, squares to the nodes are seen as missteps you have to deal with in this existence. There is an emphasis on reaching emotional maturity and taking my responsibilities this time around. This NN square to my natal NN reactivated that promise. It is the last one until my next nodal return. It is the last opportunity to course-correct. It's like the Universe is saying "show me that you have learned your lessons and that you are ready for the next level". Well I still have 4 years before my nodal return so it's not too late!

Not too late to ask for help and support neither because another thing I am learning through that transit is that I do need support and that it ok. I may desire to be independent but my motivation is influenced by who is around me. Words of affirmation and encouragements have an impact on me, I discovered it through another Aries rising. I do need the other to move forward, I do need a coach, I do need to collaborate but it has to be inspiring not compromising. I am still learning the balance between interdependence and independence and it will be a forever lesson for me especially as a Libra rising. This transit is a reminder of that.
Putting myself first is another lesson of this NN transit. Who didn't feel the urge to be for themselves? I've been sacrificing myself a lot and it had an impact on my wellness, and at some point my body said "enough, you have to take care of me" (yes I hear a lot of things all the time). Knowing that our body's reactions are also our mind's way to communicate to us, it was also a hint of being on the verge mentally.
I didn't have the choice but to slow down, see some doctors and take the steps necessary. I , for the first time, ask the doctor for a sick leave because I was in pain physically. It was actually very hard mentally for me to do because I am so conditioned to keep going even when I am in pain. I am an ex athlete but also the oldest sibling in a Caribbean household where we were not taught how to take care of ourselves internally...

Halfway through this transit, I received so much guidance from my spiritual team and the Nodes. It has been uncomfortable, revealing in extreme ways sometimes, but that's what the Nodes do, they put you back on track and remind you of your fate. In my case, the themes of this transit have been career, purpose, health and daily life, and of course relationships. Even if the Nodes changed houses for me (placidus), I am still in the integration process. I now have to sign 2 new contracts... one with myself (my inner child), one with the Universe and Spiritual Team.

The nodes transit in Aries/Libra have still more to show me, it's not over yet. Coming up: NN trine my Leo Sun, NN inconjunct my Virgo stellium, NN sextile my Saturn in Aquarius. Let's see what else unfolds.

To be continued.